Life Through a Lens

My phrase was chosen as: ‘The light in the dark’

I chose this phrase because honestly, I had no idea again what to plan ahead for, as I am always more inspired by what I photograph as I go along, as opposed to what I have planned ahead for.

Nonetheless, this is what I chose with the thought that for assement 1, I photographed something that I am fascinated with, – the moment frozen in time of water splashing, a moment that could never be seen with the naked eye. With this is mind, I thought I would for assessment 2, photograph something else that would not normally be seen with naked eye, and that is photographs under the cover of darkness. – How things look as they are captured in the dark over a long exposure, or when a light source suddenly pierces the darkness in some way, be it fire, a lightning flash or what have you.

I also like the idea of doing some tricky portrait shots, and have the stirrings of an idea based on isolation where a girl is going around carrying a frame that could also be an iphone and finds herself isolated even amidst the crowded city. This could be recreated in photoshop or done with props, the idea was inspired by this shot:


I am still unsure as to where I am going to take this assessment, and may still completely change my mind, but so far I have been shooting for this assessment at Eveleigh works. I have been able to take some great shots of light after dark as it is at a steel works, but I am not sure exactly what the narrative will be yet, as I will hopefully be allowed to visit again soon to capture the rest of the story..







I am thinking that I would like to try and get a view of Eveleigh from above, as it is in the cityscape after dark, perhaps zooming in periodically on a view of the  place until we entered the place to see what goes on in there on a daily basis.

I still have to return and get some shots of the final steps in the knifemaking process, and would like to get a long exposure of the premises and the train station behind it at night.

I have my doubts about the narrative options of using Eveleigh as my subject, as much as I love the photos so far, I also have the option of using my lovely housemate as a subject and have a vague idea about using some hand held light sources such as sparklers and her in the city and have experimented a little bit with this already:DSC_6362-2



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